HBS Signature Relaxation Massage      30 min. (site specific)* from $39
Relaxing & rejuvenating full body massage. Using light to   60 min. from $67
moderate pressure.   90 min. from $89
Therapeutic Massage   30 min. (site specific)* from $45
Designed to have a positive effect on pain sites, injuries   60 min. from $77
and posture. Using moderate to deep pressure.   90 min. from $99
Hot Stone Massage   60 min. from $75
Warmed stones strategically placed on the body and   90 min. from $95
incorporated in massage to enhance relaxation, relax    
muscles and restore mind and body.    
Maternity Massage   60 min. from $67
Focus on mother and baby after 1st trimester    
AromaTouch Therapy Massage   60 min. from $92
The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful    
way to provide every individual with an essential    
oil experience (exclusively w/ Josh).    
Maternity Massage   60 min. from $65
Designed to focus on mother and baby.   90 min. from $95
*Designed to target, head, shoulder and back area

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